Extra Credit

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We should have a class news cast, and people could be anchors, and sports, and news, and video coordinators and send it to everybody’s e mail.



Daily Video Update

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Today we are re-filming the chase scene, and end due to some bad shaky filming. Then all we will need to do is edit (which we have all ready started to do), then it will be ready to show. I think it will be an instant hit. “Charles Ankenbauer raves, that this will be the best movie evar.”…….. Keep reading my blog…. Chow 😉

Daily Movie Update

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Today we are gonna finish up the Movie, and Bust open the box office. So watch are movie….. and New rap…. Keep Reading my blog…….Chow 🙂


Daily Movie Update

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Today we are filming some high speed chases, and in the end i will eliminate Tyler and Charles, after they wreck their car. We are also filming a night scene where Charles’ has an admirer.  The morale of the story is to watch where you click….. I hope we get some good stuff done today…….Keep Reading My Blog  CHOW 🙂

Persuasive Blog FOSHO

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– Should helmet to helmet hits be fined in the NFL? In my opinion they should be illegal, but not fined.

– I think that they shouldn’t be fined, because players in the NFL have been playing this game for their whole life, and their instinct is to hit the other players as hard as they can, and when your in the heat of the moment you don’t think about anything, but hitting the other player. Part of it is also the quarterbacks fault, because some passes over the middle put his receiver in a bad situation where he is going to get hit. So that is why not just the defender, or anybody should get fined.

-If you had been playing a certain way your whole career, then all of a sudden somebody is telling you you can’t do something it would be tough to change how you played, like breaking a habbit, or like quitting smoking. If you keep making rules about hard hits then the games won’t be as exciting, and the league will lose fans.

-I think that the league should start off slow and penalize the helmet to helmet hits, and then after a few years when people are getting used to the playing style, them maybe you could start to fine, and penalize the players for the hits.

-I can understand how the safety of the offensive players is a concern, but they know that these hits can happen, and if they are willing to take the risk of playing, then they should have to suffer the consequences. It is just another football injury, that can’t be prevented, and if they keep making rules like that the game won’t be as exciting to watch.

-So in Conclusion i think that helmet to helmet hits shouldn’t be fined, but can be penalized. If you keep penalizing people for big hits then people won’t want to play, and the game won’t be as exciting. I also think the hits will stop if quarterbacks get better, and learn how to read defenses to prevent putting their receivers in bad positions over the middle of the field. Just think about it you don’t see Peyton Manning’s receivers get blown up over the middle of the field. That’s all I have to say……keep reading my blog……..CHOW 😉


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Wordle: Ian Hunt

KA-NO WAY(Current Event Blog)

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Last week in Paris, this bomb was defused just minutes before it was about to blow up. When they were pulling the packages off the mail plains last friday they found the bombs wired to phones and hidden in toner cartridgers of printers. I think it was crazy that they even found those bombs, and defused them. So i have to give three thumbs up to the guys who defused it. All I have to say is keep it up Paris,…….. and keep reading my blog. Chow 😉